Significant experience in audit of the large internet-resource, corporate, electronic commerce and industrial system demonstrates that formal protection of any system is not able to stand against professional violator.

Provision of a real protection requires construction of a continuous provision process of information safety, testing for penetration and reaction for incidents.

Without this components, the system allows cyber-criminals a possibility to stay unnoticed and control financial flows, confidential information and client data. Unprotected system and various kinds of vulnerabilities allow cyber-criminal to control key services for quite a long time thus putting data confidentiality and preservation of clients assets.

Our company offers safety not only on “paper”, we perform a thorough audit of any business-processes by various methods including the most advance methods of attacks that precede developments of the violators.

The results of information safety audit of your business are transparent to the maximum — you receive complete and detailed report on found vulnerabilities and work progress, as well as clear scheme of measures of realization of continuous process of fixation of vulnerabilities, increase of protection level and counteraction to the violators.

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