Protection control of a perimeter is an inherent element of information safety system in any organization. It allows to minimize a number of external threats and its direct protection is provided by an integration of multilevel safety system along an external limit of the network infrastructure.

The methods of our company used for control and protection of perimeter of corporate information system are used in various spheres:

  • in commercial organizations connected to common networks;
  • in state organizations connected to Internet;
  • in territorially distributed organizations;
  • in organizations — communication providers;
  • in financial institutions.

Protection control of corporate networks perimeter allows not only provide the safety of internal users access to the external networks but also protect from the network attacks of various types of resources and prevent the leaks of confidential information of your company. This type of service is provided as a outsourcing tasks for protection control using two mechanism:

  • active scanning with network scanner tools;
  • information system control for vulnerabilities accessed from the global network.

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