Implementation of the information safety management system involves a combination of necessary preliminary measures and a cycle of various events:

  • correct task identification;
  • data analysis and detailed gathering of the data on the current condition of the information safety in the company;
  • evaluation of information risks and recommendations on the measures for its treatment;
  • integration of control mechanisms with respective distribution of roles and responsibilities;
  • efficiency control of the information safety systems.

The information safety management system is an important part of the total management of the company based on risk evaluation and improvement of the policy on information safety in the company.

The plan for events and work on implementation the information safety management system includes the following steps:

  • data collection and analysis for development of technical task;
  • technological and technical design of the system;
  • installation, setup and testing of the system, accompanied with staff training;
  • implementation of the information safety system.

As a result of information safety management system implementation, Defence Group company will develop a set of documents determine rules for structure, interaction and use of the software-device complex. We will thoroughly develop functional responsibilities of the staff using the system and also will integrate the software-device complex for revealing vulnerabilities into the industrial use.

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