The users awareness in the information safety sphere is the main influence factor on the information safety state in a company. The service of information safety handles the issue of users education in basics of information safety within the build information system and policy of the information safety. Program development of increased user awareness in the sphere of information safety includes determined and systematic process of increase of knowledge level in workers and formation of necessary skills in the sphere of information safety:

  • staff work organization;
  • development and implementation of the educational programs;
  • results control of the performed scheduled events.

Number of incidents in the sphere of information safety in your company directly depends not only on the efficiency of the information safety management, but also on the awareness of the users in this sphere. You should understand that it is very complicated to receive a reliable picture on the information safety incidents.

Educational spheres and content of the program:

  • based on existing policies on the information safety;
  • based on used protective measures;
  • based on correct use of protective measures according to the regulations;
  • based on significance and importance of the staff work for provision of the information safety.

Requirements to the system of users awareness:

  • possibility of regular education of the staff in necessary volume without territorial restrictions and withdrawal from the work process;
  • availability of the study materials for workers of different positions;
  • update of the programs and the possibility of quick introduction of changes into the study materials.

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