Any company when protecting its information system wants to receive not only maximum efficiency from the use of the net resources but also increase the productivity of the entire net infrastructure.

Often, this task is unsustainable for the local IT-department, that is why they have to turn to third parties for the most effective methods of optimization of the network infrastructure. Defence Group can solve any tasks on optimization of the information system and allows to avoid the overload of the network by traffic distribution.

Our specialists during the optimization of the network infrastructure consider not only current but also prospective requirements of the customer, thoroughly checking both the reliability of the network and the provision of necessary strip of passing-through.

Optimization of the network infrastructure can save your corporate network from the following gaps:

  • regular or spontaneous loss of the information system workability;
  • absence of centralized management system;
  • long-term restoration of working conditions;
  • low efficiency and network overload;
  • weak Defence or complete lack of safety methods from the unsanctioned approach.

You should consider the fact that in order to increase safety, efficiency and reliability of the information system, it is not always necessary to buy a new equipment. Professional setup of the existing equipment by Defence Group specialists and thorough analysis of the information system condition can solve the most issues on optimization of the network infrastructure thus saving your time and money.

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