Defence Group solves all range of tasks to investigate the incidents in cyber-space and to prevent them performing any computer studies and expert evaluations in any part of the world.

Investigation of information safety incidents and computed forensics

  • fast dispatch of a reaction group to the place of incident;
  • real-time information safety in order to perform immediate;
  • thorough search and collection of digital evidence, staff interviews;
  • creation of legal prove base;
  • restoration of lost data;
  • determination of event timeline;
  • analysis of malicious software;
  • identification of the incidents reasons and used vulnerabilities;
  • conclusion of a specialist containing all necessary information on the incident for opening a criminal investigation.

Prevention of Unsanctioned Access and Protection

  • unsanctioned money transfers through system of remote electronic commerce;
  • deletion of information as a result of actions of malicious software;
  • hacking of information resources: ERP-CRM-systems, web-sites and databases.

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