Device vulnerabilities are used by cyber-criminal due to rather serious weak spots in information system. They allow to attack equipment of a corporate network through remote or physical access, that is why a thorough analysis for possible presence of any type of weak spots in your computer and server equipment is required.

Any device, with which a code can be introduced into the information system, is a device vulnerability. The load of software with the help of various carriers can also be seen as device vulnerability. The weak spot can also be interfaces on cards to which this or that equipment components are connected to.

Correct provision of the physical access by the blocking of any premises can protect your server equipment from the vulnerabilities of this kind.

A complex type of equipment vulnerability can be an unforeseen fault in the equipment work which allows violators to receive control over system by increase access priorities to the information system and implementation of malicious code.

The complicity of this type of vulnerability consists in its remote use, since no physical access is required.

It is especially necessary to note that equipment vulnerability, as a rule, are not used through random attempts of hacking but most often are under determined attacks which can not be prevented by an antivirus protection and locked server door.

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