Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) are used in most of the companies.

At the present time, SCADA are not isolated from the common network infrastructure, thus its protection is conditioned with the following factors:

  • universality of the used technologies and protocols;
  • use of the equipment and software of foreign manufacturers;
  • large scale damage as a result of an attack on this type of system.

Potential threat for SCADA is a external penetration for unsanctioned management, change of condition, blocking or putting the system out of operation, including managed objects.

Defence Group offers a complex of measures in order to improve the safety of SCADA which involves the following initiatives:

  • audit of compliance with information safety provision in SCADA systems considering the requirements of Federal Legislation of the Russian Federation;
  • modeling of the information safety threats in SCADA with development of recommendation measures complex in order to eliminate them;
  • design and integration SCADA protection system.

Implementation of complex system of safety protection to SCADA from Defence Group will maximum decrease the risk of system management disorder and will allow to perform a complete monitoring for identification, suppression and investigation of the attacks. The integration of SCADA protection system is consistent with all requirements of the Russian Legislation and Regulatory Requirements of Federal Service for Technical and Export Control of Russia in terms of protection of such systems.

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