Independent study of vulnerable applications and online-services allows to get an evaluation by various specialists in field of information system safety and increase critical information assets. You will be provided with detailed recommendations to increase safety of any information system.

The most important information on your business which is of the most interest for the violators is usually stored and treated in all possible web-applications, database management system and ERP. Considering increased complicity of the corporate applications data, its audit should be performed especially thorough, since specifics of each application should be considered and the certain models of a violator for the study should be used.

In which case the study of applications and services is necessary to be performed?

  • prior to launch of a new application or a new service;
  • if the critical applications have been actively used, a strict regularity in the studies or its performance when changes and add-ons are added to the applications and services;
  • in case of an incident connected with violation of information safety policy, which includes an incorrect functioning of an application or service;
  • when suspicious manipulations with information assets of companies are identified.

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