Protection from copying of the information is installed during the programming of the microcontroller, which is why the protection can not be uplifted with the usual methods, for example, with programmator, that it requires complex and expensive equipment. Defence Group has appropriate technical base, knowledge and experience and also specializes on the provision of services on code extraction from protected microcontrollers, programmed logics and smart-cards.

Our specialists can completely restore the work algorithm of the microcontroller and the code of the microprogram, can develop and setup a microprogram in various programming languages or install multilevel protection on your microcontroller with warranty of high level of data safety.

Our laboratory allows to perform restoration of a microcode from the most password protected microcontrollers: MCU, CPLD, FPGA, ASIC. Defence Group has all necessary equipment and staff members to perform analysis and create an algorithm from any DSP, microcontroller or processor.

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