The protection level of information system is a complex parameter, which characterizes strict compliance with all requirements that neutralize potential threats to safety and vulnerability of information system and also decreasing the risk of loss of important data to an absolute minimum.

Defence Group presents a combination of measures and procedures for assessment of protection level aimed at deep analysis of the situation in information safety sphere.

We offer the following services for combined evaluation of protection level of net structure for your company:

  • complex audit of information safety;
  • assessment of web-application protection;
  • analysis of application protection on mobile devices;
  • evaluation of wireless networks protection.

As a combined assessment of protection level, we use the methods for analysis of real safety level of your information system in conditions of modeled computer attacks. When evaluating the protection level of an information system, we use the most complete list of instrumental devices, including those of our own designs.

Our team of specialists offers a combination of new methods of examinations and testing of software tools based on natural and imitation modeling. The used methods for evaluation of real level of protection show the real authenticity of work in services of information safety when working with the system in general.

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