The complex audit of information safety performed by our specialists shows a real level of protection for your system and reflects the most complete picture for evaluation of possible hackers' penetration into your information system.

The main tasks of combined audit of information system protection:

  • Complete analysis of the whole structure of the network and the functional as well as used technologies for treatment and distribution of information flows in your system;
  • Deep analysis of both internet resources, corporate, electronic commerce and industrial systems as well as technical documentation;
  • The search for vulnerabilities in the information system and possible ways for its elimination;
  • Indication of priorities in vulnerabilities depending on potential threat and possible damage to the information system;
  • Possibility to create informal model of cyber-criminal using the method of active evaluation of the situation for search of unclear and potential vulnerabilities;
  • Testing for possibility of penetration by external pool of IP-addresses as well as research of probability of system penetration, using the methods of social engineering;
  • Development of detailed plan with package of offers and recommendations on integration of highly effective methods of system safety control. Increase of work quality of existing protection tool for creation of maximum protected network.

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